Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday #2

As part of my new position this year as Educational Technology Coordinator, I have decided to jump on the "Tech Tip Tuesday" bandwagon.  Although some of my colleagues think that I am brilliant for coming up with this idea, I am not the first one to think of this alliteration.  Just google "tech tip Tuesday" and you will find hundreds of examples on the internet. 

Here is my 2nd Tech Tip Tuesday that I sent out today.  It is just under two minutes and explains how to save a google doc to an iPad so that it can be accessed later.  (Note:  It is a read only file and can't be edited.)

If you are curious to know how I made my screencast on my iPad, here is a short summary:
  • I used the Reflector app on my computer to mirror my iPad to my computer screen.
  • I screencast (record my screen) using the Google Chrome extension Snagit.  
  • I upload my screencast to Youtube, which is an option when you have created a video using Snagit.